Jessica Jung on How To Do Make Up Like a K-Pop Star

Jessica Jung K pop star make up

If you love K-Pop, you are also probably one of those people that loves the way so many of the female K-Pop singers look. A look that is at once innocent and sweet, but also sexy.

If you would love to learn how to do your own make-up in the K-Pop style, what better way to do so than to learn from a K-Pop singer herself — Girls’ Generation‘s’ own Jessica Jung.

Jung, of course, is not only a singer, actress and model, she is also the founder of Blanc & Eclare, a company that manufactures clothing, eyewear and cosmetics.


Cosmetics which Jung herself not only wears but shows you how to use to get that distinctive K-Pop style in a short video she recently put together for Vogue.

Watch it below, and you too could end up looking like a K-Pop star.

Michelle Topham