Jessica Sanchez Releases New Single ‘This Love’ (Video)

Jessica Sanchez This Love new single



Jessica Sanchez, runner-up in American Idol, has a new single out and it’s a nice one. Called ‘This Love‘, the track is from her second studio album that Sanchez will be releasing sometime in early 2015.

In an interview with iHeartRadio on Z100 Portland, Sanchez said her new music is more an ‘urban pop kind of thing’, but that as she’s only 19 her music is always going to be changing. Right now, though, she’s happy with what she’s doing, and proud of her new song.

Jessica Sanchez spoke to iHeartRadio while at the Girl Scouts’ GirlFest in Portland on November 15th to sing, and do a meet and greet.

By the way, ‘This Love‘ is a pretty song, with a nice slow beat — you know, one of those songs you can sway to as you’re driving around in your car. So, if you like mellow songs that are still most definitely ‘pop’, you’ll probably love this. Listen to it below — and, yep, Jessica’s voice sounds great.

The song premiered on iHeartRadio at the end of last week, and was released on iTunes today. Listen to a short interview with Jessica and ‘This Love‘ below.

Michelle Topham