Jim Carrey Tells Graham Norton About Praying For What He Wants (Video)

jim carrey praying graham norton


Years ago, I read a story about actor Jim Carrey and how he used to carry a fake check around in his wallet. The check was made out to himself for $10 million, was post-dated five years, and was noted ‘for acting services rendered’. That’s because Jim Carrey believes in the Law of Attraction — the idea that what you want in life, you put out there, believe you will get and, chances are, you probably will.

So, I wasn’t surprised to see Jim Carrey on The Graham Norton Show this week telling Graham how he got a bike when he was a kid by praying for it, and how he’s believed that prayer, or sending out positive energy about something, can help you get where you want to be in life ever since. Like attracts like, after all.

Watch Carrey talking to Graham Norton below, and don’t miss his story about being a grandfather as well. It’s no wonder he got as far as he did. He’s just so absolutely brilliant.


Michelle Topham