John Boyega Responds to ‘Star Wars Racists’: “Get Used To It”

john boyega star wars

I always love it when a celebrity responds to their haters in a positive, non-similarly abusive way. Which is exactly what British Star Wars actor John Boyega did this week after the first ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ trailer came out.

Soon after the The Force Awakens trailer release, Boyega was slammed on YouTube and Twitter with racist comments from fools angry that a black man was allowed to portray a stormtrooper in the upcoming movie. They called it being ‘politically correct’.

Boyega responded with a simple phrase – “Get used to it”.

He also posted a lovely message on his Instagram account saying thank you to all the fans who had supported him, and sounded incredibly excited about being in the upcoming film.

Honestly, you have to wonder at racists, who seem to think spouting off about a black man in a stormtrooper suit being “politically correct” is a good way of hiding their racism.

Nope. It’s not. In fact, it does a damn good job of shining a big old spotlight on it.

Michelle Topham