John Cleese Tells Seth Meyers Reuniting with Monty Python Was Wonderful (Video)

john cleese on seth meyers

The lovely John Cleese was on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week where he talked about reuniting with the Monty Python cast. According to Cleese, when they first got back together, it was the first time the five-member group had been together on stage for 34 years.


Cleese told Meyers all the cast was nervous at their first show as, when you’re doing sketches written 40 years ago, you have no idea if the Monty Python sketches are still going to be funny to people, or if audiences will even laugh at all.

Of course, Monty Python being the beloved British institution it is, audiences adored Cleese and the rest of the gang, with Cleese loving the response they got so much he said, “You’re always scared they won’t laugh. But this was like meeting all your best friends when you go to heaven. And they were all so lovely and supportive, and the nerves I usually have just went completely away. We had the most wonderful time.”

Cleese also talked about the classic Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch, and how Michael Palin constantly changes the lines when they do the sketch. So much so, if he’s not laughing too much to continue with his lines, he’s completely forgotten them.

Watch the fabulous John Cleese talking to Seth Meyers in the videos below.


Michelle Topham