John Karayiannis’ ‘One Thing I Should Have Done’ Gets Updated Version for Eurovision (Video)

john karayiannis one thing i should have done eurovision updated new version

Cyprus’s song for Eurovision 2015┬áhas just gotten an updated version and it is very very pretty. The song, of course, is ‘One Thing I Should Have Done‘, and is sung by John Karayiannis.

The updated version is not hugely different than the original but, where the original was more about John’s voice and the guitar, the newer version has more concentration on the orchestra, particularly towards the end of the song.

Personally, while I love the original, I think the stronger orchestra adds a little more ‘oomph’ to the song, especially for something as big as Eurovision, and also helps showcase Karayiannis’ beautiful voice even more. So, yes, I think this is lovely.


My only concern now with the song is that Cyprus gets the staging right, and we are not just subjected to Karayiannis standing on a stage singing as, with the song not having the drama Conchita Wurst’s ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘ did, it is going to need something a little bit more than that I think.

As for the new version of ‘One Thing I Should Have Done‘, listen to it below and then compare it to the original, if you like. Both are beautifully done, but Eurovision may just prefer this one.


Michelle Topham