John Mellencamp Sings ‘Longest Days’ on David Letterman – Sad (Video)

john mellencamp longest days

Watch John Mellencamp’s last performance on Letterman

John Mellencamp was on his last ever Late Show with David Letterman¬†last night, Dave retiring in a month and all, where he sang an early retirement song for Dave called ‘Longest Days‘ — quite probably the saddest and most depressing song I’ve heard in a long time.

And don’t get me wrong as, sure, ‘Longest Days’ is beautiful, and Mellencamp gives a lovely performance as always but, geez, if you’re feeling even the slightest bit sad, you might want to bookmark this song and come back when you’re feeling a tad better.

If not, listen to ‘Longest Days‘ below, as well as Mellencamp’s interview before it.


And yes, he gives a beautiful performance but, then again, it’s Mellencamp.

What else would you expect?

Michelle Topham