Josh Hutcherson’s Fans are Crazy Stalkers Who Follow Him Across Country (Video)

josh hutcherson

The Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson says some of his fans are crazy

Josh Hutcherson’s fans are crazy stalkers. At least that’s what Hunger Games actor Hutcherson told Conan last night after he confessed he has had fans, and their mother, drive hours across country to knock on his parents’ door on Christmas Day just so they could meet him.


He’s also had crazy fans and their mother camp outside his car just waiting for him to leave his hotel, and then had the mother crying with relief that they’ve met him.

Fans. Like I keep saying, there’s a line between a fan who enjoys their favorite celebrity’s work and would one day love to meet them, and the type of superfan who is so obsessive their obsession takes over their life, and becomes more than a tad scary to the person they’re supposed to like. Hint. Try for the former and not for the latter.

Watch Josh Hutcherson talk about his crazy superfans in the video below.

Michelle Topham