‘Juanita’ trailer shows Alfre Woodward changing her life in new Netflix movie

Watch ‘Juanita’ trailer, and see Alfre Woodward head to Montana for a new life

Juanita, the new Alfre Woodward film, is launching on Netflix in March. Today, it got its first trailer.

In it, we see Woodward as Juanita relaxing on a couch as a sexy and shirtless Blair Underwood begins to caress her leg. It is only then that she is jolted out of this daydream by her grown-up daughter yelling “Mom. Mom”.

And there she sits, holding her baby granddaughter while her daughter asks if she can take care of the baby because she “hasn’t been out in two days”.

And it is then Juanita decides to take a trip. To somewhere. To anywhere.

Just so she can get away from the dull life she is living, A life where she feels nothing but unfulfilled.

“There’s gotta be something out there for me,” she tells a friend.

So she buys a ticket to “Butt” — “I believe it’s pronounced Butte,” says the bus depot employee, and off she heads to Montana.

Soon, Juanita is in a Native American-run roadside diner, where the food is less than stellar. Until, that is, she puts on an apron and begins to cook herself.

“Go spread the word,” she tells the staff, “black lady cooking at the diner”.

Soon there are lines out the door desperate to try her tasty food, and Juanita is a hit. Not only with the customers, but with one Native American younger man in particular.

Watch the ‘Juanita’ trailer below to see Alfre Woodward completely change her life.

Produced by Stephanie Allain Bray, Mel Jones, and Jason Berman, ‘Juanita’ launches on Netflix on March 8th.

The film stars Woodward, Blair Underwood, Adam Beach, Gil Birmingham and Ashlie Atkinson. Woodward was Executive Producer.

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