Judi Dench Tells About Her Worst Ever Audition with a Famous Director (Video)

judi dench worst movie audition


When you look at Dame Judi Dench, one of the UK’s most famous actresses and an absolute national treasure, you think she must never have had a bad audition in her life. After all, she’s known for her incredible acting skills, and the many amazing movies she has made.

So, when Judi Dench talked about her worst ever audition while getting ready for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week, my mouth dropped open when I heard her say what the director had said to her — a very famous director too apparently although, to this day, Dench won’t say his name.


Let’s just say, what he said was not remotely nice and then leave you to watch Dame Judi Dench talk about her worst audition ever in the video below. It’s a doozy.


Michelle Topham