Julian le Play’s ‘Wir haben noch das ganze Leben’ is Beautiful (Video)

julian le play Wir haben noch das ganze Leben


In the last couple of months, I’ve actually become a pretty big fan of Austrian singer Julian le Play. His songs are beautiful. So, I was shocked today to discover I’d missed the release of his latest video for his newest single ‘Wir haben noch das ganze Leben’, which apparently hit his YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago.

But, I rectified that situation pretty damn quick, and now I’m pointing you in its direction as well. It’s a beautiful song, a gorgeous video (doesn’t Austria always look fairy-tale beautiful?) and Julian le Play, as usual, is wonderful.

‘Wir haben noch das ganze Leben’ is from le Play’s new album ‘Melodrom’, which also features 17 other songs including ‘Mein Anker‘ (my favorite), ‘Phönix‘, and the title track ‘Melodrom‘.

Listen to ‘Wir haben noch das ganze Leben” below, and then grab ‘Melodrom‘ at iTunes. I own it, and have just about worn it out, I’ve played it so much.


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