Julianne Moore Wins BAFTA for Leading Actress: Does It Mean the Oscar? (Video)

julianne moore wins bafta


It’s looking very good for an Oscar win for Julianne Moore this year as, last night, Moore won the BAFTA as Best Leading Actress for her role in Still Alice. Her BAFTA is one of a stream of awards Julianne Moore has already won for this role, including the SAG Award and the Golden Globe last month.

And, as the Golden Globes and, sometimes the BAFTAs, are precursors to who is likely to win the Academy Award, I’d say Moore has a very good chance. Her BAFTA win last night was very well deserved too.

Interestingly, Felicity Jones for The Theory of Everything was the bookies’ favorite, but Moore was the eventual winner for her role as Alice, a 54-year-old university professor who is suddenly diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

In her acceptance speech, Julianne Moore thanked “everyone in the Alzheimer’s community, who were so incredibly generous with their time, their information and their experience”.

She also thanked “the five Scottish women who poured love into me. My great aunts May, Mary, Cissy, my grandmother Flora, and my mother Ann. This is for you.”

Watch Julianne Moore’s BAFTA acceptance speech below. Isn’t she lovely?


Michelle Topham