K-drama Family, Ep1 ratings get show off to a great start

Family, Episode 1 ratings bode well for its future audiences

The new Monday-Tuesday Korean drama Family premiered last night and, if its first ratings are anything to go by, the tvN drama could do quite well.

Nielsen Korea figures show Family, Episode 1 ratings earned the comedy drama 4.87 percent of the audience nationwide, with a higher 5.78 percent from Seoul viewers.

Both figures placed the spy drama in first place in its time slot, which gets it off to a good start and bodes well for its future audiences.

Then again, Family, also known as Family: The Unbreakable Bond, does star the powerhouse actor team of Jang Hyuk, Jang Na Ra, Chae Jung An, and Kim Nam Hee.

So it is no surprise so many viewers tuned into watch.

Whether the spy-themed drama can keep its audience going forward, though, will obviously depend on how much viewers of the first episode enjoyed it.

We will learn more on that when ratings for Episode 2 are released tomorrow.

Unfortunately for international viewers, however, an English-subbed Family, Episode 1 doesn’t seem to be available anywhere yet.

What is Family: The Unbreakable Bond?

Family follows secret agent and expert sniper Kwon Do Hoon (played by Jang Hyuk) who lives a double life as a trading company employee, with not even his wife Kang Yoo Ra (Jang Na Ra) knowing his true identity.

Unbenownst to Do Hoon, however, his wife also has a secret and isn’t quite what she seems either.

But the two still share a happy family life until that is threatened when Tae Goo (Kim Nam Hee) suddenly appears.

Watch the English-subbed Family trailer below, and keep your fingers crossed an English-subbed version will appear soon as this one looks fabulous.


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