K-Pop Boy Group Pentagon’s ‘Gorilla’ is Awesome


If you know anything about K-pop (Korean pop), you know most of the artists that come out of Korea are highly trained and groomed, sometimes for years, before their music is actually released. And you can see it when they do live shows or their music videos release, as everything they do is perfect.

Look at new K-pop boy group Pentagon, a 10-member group that just released their debut 7-track mini album this month, and a music video for their new single ‘Gorilla‘ that is absolutely superb.

Pentagon, by the way, came out of a reality survival TV show in Korea called Pentagon Maker. It was originally supposed to be a 7-member group, as that was the original number of ‘boy’s to survive. Three more members have been added since then, however, to make up the current ten.

Band members of Pentagon are:

  • Jinho
  • Hui
  • Hongseok
  • E’Dawn
  • Shinwon
  • Yeo One
  • Yanan
  • Yuto
  • Kino
  • Wooseok

They are all cute and, yep, they can actually sing and dance. Watch Pentagon’s official ‘Gorilla‘ video below to see what I mean. The song is catchy and fun too.

You can also pick up Pentagon’s mini album on all major digital music sites. It comes with a photobook, ID card, film photo and a poster of the boys.

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