Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Oh What a World’ music video has a centaur and a frog playing the banjo

Grammy Award-winning country singer songwriter Kacey Musgraves’s ‘Oh What a World‘ is not only an upbeat, electro pop song that will make you feel happy, it also comes with a psychedelic music video that will make you smile too.

Especially when you see Kacey Musgraves as a gorgeous centaur, and a frog playing a very happy banjo.

Kacey Musgraves ‘Oh What a World‘ is from the Texas-native’s latest album Golden Hour. And it is a song that combines both electro and country, and glorifies both the beautiful world we live in, and the person she is in love with.

Oh, what a world, don’t wanna leave
All kinds of magic all around us; it’s hard to believe
Thank God it’s not too good to be true
Oh, what a world, and then there is you

As for Golden Hour, it was released last year and not only debuted in the number four spot on the Billboard 200 chart, it also hit number 1 on the Country Albums chart. Golden Hour was also Musgraves first ever top 10 album in the UK.

If that wasn’t enough accolades for this really very lovely work, Golden Hour won four Grammy Awards — including Album of the Year and Best Country Album.

Kacey Musgrave is currently on her Oh What a World Tour, and is gearing up for four shows in Australia and New Zealand. A tour that will run through until the end of September.

If you would love to see Kacey in action live, (and she is fabulous) check out all her upcoming concert dates on her website.

And, of course, watch Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Oh What a World‘ music video, and listen to her award-winning fourth studio album Golden Hour in its entirety in the Spotify widget below that.

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