Kate Bosworth’s ‘Style Thief’ Fashion App Helps Track Down Clothing

style thief fashion app kate bosworth


If you’re one of those people who loves fashion, finds something in style that you like on TV or out in the street and then gets frustrated because you can’t figure out where to buy it, no worries. Actress Kate Bosworth has just released a new fashion app that will do it for you.

Called ‘Style Thief‘, the app will allow you to upload or take a photograph of an outfit you really like, and will then use image recognition to scour the internet looking for it for you.

In many cases, you’ll then be able to buy the shirt, dress, skirt, shoes or whatever else you like right online and directly through Style Thief. Style Thief themselves will receive a commission for each purchase made through the app. Cool and convenient, eh?

Style Thief has the tagline ‘Snap & Steal’ as it will allow you to take photographs of the latest ‘street style’ and then figure out where to buy the identical or similar outfit. Thus, ‘stealing’ someone else’s fashion idea.

You can find out more about Style Thief and Kate Bosworth’s involvement with it in this in-depth Women’s Wear Daily article.

As for where to get Style Thief, you can pick up Style Thief on the App Store for free.

Michelle Topham