Kate Mara’s Family Owns New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers — A Football Dynasty


Actress Kate Mara appeared on Conan yesterday where she talked about being from a football dynasty. Her father’s family owns the New York Giants, and her mother’s family owns the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But what happens when the two teams are playing against each other? Who roots for who then?

“Well it rarely happens,” said Mara. “But the good news is is that we always win. So someone (in the family) is always happy”.

Conan asked if being from such a big football family was intimidating for Kata Mara’s boyfriends, and she told a funny story about how she was dating a British guy a while ago who came to visit her at her parents not long after the New York Giants had won the Super Bowl, and right after the Vince Lombardi Trophy had just arrived.

“And my mom was specifically so excited about this and she said to him, “Would you like to see it? Would you like to hold it?” — they’ve sent white gloves that you put on before you can hold the trophy.

And so he was a very enthusiastic man, and he put on the gloves and he went to lift up the trophy but he lifted it up from the base, which we didn’t know wasn’t connected to the trophy. And it fell. And in slow motion I saw — he was wearing these steel-toed boots — he was a pretty good soccer player. And he kicked his foot up and caught the trophy with his boot, and then caught it with his hands. And he dented just a tiny part of the trophy”.

She went on to say, her dad was in the kitchen just shaking his head as the whole incident took place. “And that was the end. We broke up, and that was it”.

Watch Kate Mara talk about her football family, and how her boyfriend almost broke the Vince Lombardi trophy in the video below.


Michelle Topham