Keanu Reeves Had 2 Women Break Into His House in 3 Days: Obsessive Much?

keanu reeves
photo copyright Gabbo T, Creative Commons License

We all adore some celebrities more than others, watch all their movies, buy all their music, obsessively comb YouTube for their videos (who, me?), but that is a normal fan reaction.

What isn’t a normal, or acceptable, fan reaction is to break into a celebrity’s house because you’ are so obsessed with them you can’t think straight.


Sadly, that is what happened to actor Keanu Reeves this week when not one but two women broke into his house on two separate days only three days apart.

The first woman broke in when Keanu Reeves was at home, but police were called, the woman apprehended and held for a mental evaluation.

Poor Keanu must have thought he had had a lucky escape but, only three days later, a second woman also broke into his house through an unlocked door — this time while he was away from home. While there, she stripped off and took a shower in Keanu’s bathroom.

Again, the same end to the story — police were called, she was hauled off and, yes, held or a mental evaluation.

Because, let’s face it, while adoration of a celebrity is okay (as long as it gives you pleasure but doesn’t take over your life), if you are suddenly having thoughts of breaking into your favorite actor or singer’s house just to meet them then, ladies or gentlemen, you are going quite a big step too far.

As for Keanu he, reportedly, is absolutely fine. Thankfully.