Keira Knightley Says Paparazzi Abuse Difficult to Deal With at Age 18

Photo copyright DavidDjJohnson, Creative Commons License


You have to wonder what type of disgusting person would actually follow someone around, camp outside their door for hours at a time, spit at them when they walk down the street, and try to shove photographs up their skirt to take photographs. This, however, was just the normal paparazzi abuse Keira Knightley says she had to put up with when she was just 18, and starring in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Knightley was talking to E! Online this week, when she told them “It was a time when there was a lot of money for pictures of women crying, or of women in some state of undress. You’d walk down the street and you’d have men trying to get under your skirt to take pictures up your skirt, and all the time calling you a ‘whore’, or all the time spitting at you, or all the time trying to get a reaction from the guy you were with because it would make the price of that photograph quadruple.”

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch was also with Keira as she spoke about paparazzi abuse, as they were both in LA to promote their new film The Imitation Game. A film that is nominated for eight Oscars in Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony.


Cumberbatch summed up the paparazzi behavior against Knightley and others in the entertainment industry perfectly by simply saying “Disgusting”.

Michelle Topham