Keira Knightley Says ‘The Imitation Game’ is About the Dangers of Prejudice (Video)

keira knightley the imitation game


I couldn’t love Keira Knightley more if I tried. She’s just everything I would ever want to be. Smart, funny, interesting, quirky and weird, kind and astonishingly nice, makes astoundingly good choices in her career and, of course, she is beautiful. Which is why when I heard Keira Knightley was in ‘The Imitation Game, I knew it would be on the top of my list of films to see. (I haven’t yet, but I will).

Keira Knightley sat down with ODE recently to talk about ‘The Imitation Game‘ and, if you’re not interested in seeing the movie yet, you will be when she’s finished explaining why you should.


According to Keira, it’s all about Alan Turing “one of the men who broke the Enigma code in the Second World War, which was basically the reason that we beat the Nazis, who was gay and was prosecuted for being gay and then chemically castrated by the British government. So I think this is a story about the tragedies that can occur when you allow prejudice into policy.”

She went on to say, “And for that reason, I think it seems very relevant, as I think prejudice is always a problem we have in all our societies very much so today, and there is a potential brain drain that can happen when we don’t celebrate differences but we allow those to build up barriers between us. So it feels like a very important story to tell.”

Keira Knightley is, of course, absolutely correct, as prejudice and the stigma and hatred that comes with it is still prevalent everywhere in society today. And when someone is thought of as ‘different’, they are often bullied, abused or, at the worst end of the spectrum, murdered — even by the governments who you would think should be there to protect them.

Knightley also talks about feminism, the way women are still at a huge disadvantage in the movie industry today, and how she is usually the only actress in a movie (bizarrely the movie industry still seems to think we’re not interested in watching stories about women).

Watch the rest of the Keira Knightley interview about ‘The Imitation Game‘ in the video below. As always, she is eloquent, interesting and lovely.


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Michelle Topham