Kellie Pickler Tells Ellen How She Didn’t Get a Speeding Ticket: Memories Monday (Video)

Kellie Pickler driving ticket


I love country singer Kellie Pickler. She is just so funny, quirky, sweet, and always hilariously funny to listen to as she has the weirdest stories.


Just listen to Kellie four years ago on The Ellen Show with Ellen Degeneres in my ‘Memories Monday‘ segment today, and then tell me that didn’t make you laugh.

Kellie tells Ellen a long rambling story about how she didn’t get a driving ticket when she was stopped by the police, even though she had done a ‘tap and go’ (that thing where you don’t really stop at a Stop sign, just glide through it because there’s no traffic coming).

And she’s so cute and charming when she’s telling it, even though you know she has to be the world’s most horrendous driver, she still makes you laugh.

Watch Kellie Pickler with Ellen below. Adorable, isn’t she?


Michelle Topham