Kelly Clarkson Sings ‘Heartbeat Song’ Live on Ellen and Kills It (Video)

kelly clarkson heartbeat song 2

Kelly Clarkson was on The Ellen Show this week talking about her new baby, weight issues and, of course, singing. Kelly sang her latest single ‘Heartbeat Song, which hit the Top 40 soon after it was released back in January. It even made Top 10 in Austria and the UK.


Kelly, of course, always gives amazing live performances as she’s one of those singers who sounds just as good live as she does on album. So, yes, her performance of ‘Heartbeat Song‘, which is a nice catchy, uptempo number was, as expected, pretty fabulous.  Watch her below.

And, you can grab Kelly’s album ‘Piece by Piece‘, which features ‘Heartbeat Song‘ and a slew of other great songs, at iTunes if you like what you hear.