Kemono Jihen Episode 5 “Intrusion” recap — a new character you’ll loath then love

Kemono Jihen Episode 5 “Intrusion” recap

One of the best things about the new anime series Kemono Jihen is how new characters are introduced in almost every episode. That means you never have time to get bored with the main people, as they are already interacting with another oddball character who adds even more fun to this exceptional anime series.

Kemono Jihen Episode 5 “Intrusion” is no exception as we meet a character you may at first loath but, as you realize how cool he actually is, will eventually grow to love.

The fifth episode of the Kemono Jihen anime series begins with Kabane cleaning one of the office corridors. As he moves some boxes away from a corner to clean, he remembers Inugami had told Shiki, Akari and himself to stay away from that area of the building no matter what.

As he remembers this, he is suddenly dragged into a hidden room and the door slammed behind him.

A few hours later, as Inugami and the rest of the Kemonos are wondering where he is, Shiki says he found a broom in the area where Kabane was cleaning, which is worrying as he is not the type to leave things lying around.


Introducing Mihai the vampire

Inugami immediately rushes off to the room, slams open the door and puts his hands over his eyes as he sees Kabane and the room’s mysterious occupant — a centuries old vampire called Mihai, who is working in front of a row of computer terminals.

Kabane is handing the vampire food and water as he works.

Inugami immediately tells the vampire “Don’t go exploiting Kabane for your own needs, Mihai”, to which Mihai replies “Why didn’t you tell me you had hired such an obedient sl…child”, adding the word ‘child’ in place of the word ‘slave’ he had wanted to use.

It turns out Mihai has been living in the secret room for a long time, playing online video games and providing tech work for the Inugami Strangeness Counseling Office.

Mihai then declares Kabane his official wait person which, to the surprise of everyone including Inugami, Mihai agrees to be.

The following day, Shiki becomes angry and tells Mihai to stop treating Kabane as his slave, Mihai says he will if Shiki can arm wrestle him and win. Unfortunately, Shiki loses every time.

Kabane then offers to arm wrestle the vampire, but he also loses. Ingumai tells them it is no surprise as, being a vampire, Mihai has strength most can only dream of having.


Kabane offers to go out and buy food for dinner and, while he is coming back from the store, he thinks about how Mihai defeated him, wonders if all adult Kemono are like that and vows to become stronger himself as soon as he can.

He then takes a detour to the park where he finds Kon.

Kon tells him she doesn’t need his head anymore because, when she took the fake head created by Inugami (Episode 4 ) to Inari, she learned Inari had already hired another kitsune, which makes her very sad.

Meanwhile, Inugami as at the office and is suddenly surprised when Mihai leaves his room and arrives in the office. Mihai then tells him Kibane has actually broken his arm while they were arm wrestling and, because it will take a week to heal, he will be unable to play his normal video games.

Therefore, he offers to work for Inugami until then. Mihai goes to the computer and accepts a new job without Inugami’s permission.


Inugami informs him he is now responsible for seeing the job is completed. Mihai responds “Those boys will do it”.

He then tells Inugami, because his video games have been taken away from him due to Kabane breaking his arm, he will enjoy himself by watching the boys complete the job.

Inugami responds “Yeah, but if we’re not careful with this one, somebody could die”.

Mihai says he has a plan, and asks Inugami to come to his room.

Meanwhile, Kabane is still at the park and Kon has fallen asleep on his shoulder.


The Bug Bite Electronics job

When Kon wakes up, Kabane tells her she can stay at the office if she likes, but Kon refuses as she says she cannot live with a tanuki. Instead, she asks him to live in the park with her.

Kabane says no, he wants to stay where he is. He also tells Kon he needs to finish taking the food he bought back to the office, but he will come back as soon as he has dropped the food off.

When Kabane arrives back at the office, however, Mihai is waiting to tell him about the new job. Kabane completely forgets about Kon as he gets ready to go out on the job.

Next we see Kabane and Akira arrive at Bug Bite Electronics, a company that only three years before had 16 people commit suicide in just one year. The company was heading towards bankruptcy as the Japanese public was so angry about it.

All of a sudden, things at Bug Bite Electronics began to turn around as nobody committed suicide the following year. To Mihai this seems unnatural.

That is why he wants Shiki, Akira and Kabane to break into the company and find out why the suicide rate fell so much.

As Mihai watches the three via his computer camera, Akira tells him he is happy Inugami trusts them so much. It is then revealed Inugami does not know they are on a job as Mihai has locked him in the secret room.


Breaking into Bug Bite Electronics

Shiki breaks into Bug Bite Electronics by using his spider webs to help him open a window. He then uses one of his special abilities to help him blend into the wall so he will not be discovered.

As he does so, however, he sees a small sports car zipping along the corridor of the electronics company and learns Mihai can see him via the camera on the ‘Mihai Magnum’.

Shiki begins his surveillance of the building and finds a room full of workers that look like zombies.

As he is watching, one worker rushes out of the room crying. As he walks down the corridor, he is stopped by a Kemono manager who takes the worker into a room and then sucks out part of his brains. The worker then goes back to the room where all the others are working looking even more like a zombie than before.

Meanwhile, Mihai is asking Inugami about the Kemonos in the factory that look like mosquitos. He then tells Kabane, Shiki and Akira what Inugami told him. Kabane decides they should attack them as there are only three of them, but Shiki wants to be more cautious.

Mihai hears Shiki deciding to be cautious and decides that won’t be interesting for him, so he causes his Mihai Magnum to make a noise.

One of the mosquito Kemonos, Erika Kaga, hears the noise, comes into the corridor and sees the little car. She then gets her two sisters to check the building for intruders.

One of the sisters is able to see through Shiki’s camouflage and starts to attack him but, before she does, Mihai uses his Magnum car to electrocute her.


The episode ends with Shiki sitting against the wall staring at the electrocuted mosquito, terrified and afraid to move. Mihai then realizes Shiki must have been through some kind of trauma, and responds with “Oh, he is going to be worth playing around with!”

No, Mihai doesn’t have any empathy towards another person whatsoever.

Stay tuned for a recap of the next episode of Kemono Jihen coming soon. Meanwhile, you will find recaps of all episodes of the series on Leo Sigh as they are uploaded.

Kemono Jihen itself is currently streaming on Funimation.

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