Kevin Spacey Does Impressions of Bill Clinton, Jimmy Fallon and Johnny Carson (Video)

kevin spacey does impressions of bill clinton johnny carson tonight show


Kevin Spacey isn’t just an incredible actor. He’s also amazing at doing impressions. On  The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday night, Spacey did impressions of Bill Clinton, Jimmy Fallon, and Johnny Carson and had the audience in fits of laughter.

It all started when Fallon brought out the “Wheel of Impressions“, and told Spacey when he activated the wheel, wherever it stopped they would each have to do an impression of a “random celebrity talking about a random topic”.

First up? Kevin Spacey doing “Johnny Carson” talking about “Costume Parties” and, oh my God, did Spacey sound and look just like him, right down to the tongue flicking and mouth pressing Carson used to do.

Jimmy Fallon’s turn was up next and he did a reasonable impression of “Dr. Phil” on the subject of “Frankenstein”. But Spacey won every round after with Christopher Walken, Michael Caine and Bill Clinton.

Watch Kevin Spacey doing his funny impressions in the video below. Cool, eh?

Michelle Topham