Killzone: Shadow Fall Gameplay Video Shows Off Cool Weapons and a Drone

Killzone: Shadow Fall is going to be one of the most popular games on the PlayStation 4 this year. Why? Because it’s a game exclusive to the PS4 and it sparked a bit of a buzz at E3 last week. That’s why I’m putting up this Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay video so you can check it out before you buy it. It was recorded at E3 by IGN and features the art director of the game showing off one of the early levels.

In the Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay video, he plays a Shadow Marshal (a character that’s a bit like a US Navy SEAL) who is behind enemy lines in an attempt to get to a group of agents that have been shot down.Before he can make contact, however, he has to fight his way through what looks like a battalion of enemy combatants.


He plays with some of the best weapons in the game (well, there’s not much point showing a gameplay teaser if you’re not going to show off the coolest stuff in the game, right?), and yes his Shadow Marshal gun does look pretty awesome.

He also shows off the character’s ‘drone’ that can be sent into enemy territory ahead of you to attack what may be waiting there.

Don’t forget to look closely at the characters as they come up on screen as well. The level of detail is fabulous and a huge improvement over Killzone 3.

The gameplay video starts off with the Shadow Marshal zip-lining into an area and taking out a couple of enemy soldiers. But it doesn’t stop there. He’s soon in the middle of a fierce fire fight……..well, you need to watch the video to see what happens next.

Don’t forget, you can currently pre-order Killzone: Shadow Fall at GameStop,or you can still buy the PlayStation 4 Killzone: Shadow Fall Bundle, which comes with the PS4, two controllers and the game.

Michelle Topham