Kim Dong Wook thanks fans for marriage congratulations in personal letter

Kim Dong Wook in his recent (and excellent) project Delightfully Deceitful — photo courtesy tvN

Yesterday, the agency representing South Korean actor Kim Dong Wook announced his upcoming marriage.

Today, as the actor himself does not own any social media accounts, he published a personal letter to fans on his agency’s Instagram account (KeyEast) , thanking them for their support and telling them of his gratitude.

Kim Dong Wook’s short but sweet letter (see original in Korean below) reads:

Hello, this is Kim Dong-wook~!


I hope you are spending this hot and humid summer in good health?!


I want to tell you I have met the person I will go through the next phase of my life with, and so will be marrying her this winter.


I wrote this post to personally convey the good news to all of you who have always sent me great love and care, even when I need to work harder.

As an actor and as an individual, I promise I will always try to be responsible going forward and continue to show you my best side.

Once again, thank you very much for your support and congratulations!


Kim Dong Wook

As was announced yesterday, Kim Dong Wook‘s soon-to-be wife is a non-celebrity, and so has not been named.

That is also why no venue or specific wedding date has been announced to the public in order to maintain privacy for his fiancée and her family.

Personally, I like how the Korean entertainment industry deals with this, unlike in the west where the names and photographs of non-celebrity spouses of western stars are splashed all over the news media.

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