Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Hair is a Wig: Well, Duh…

kim kardashian blonde hair


I had to laugh at the media frenzy yesterday when Kim Kardashian suddenly had blonde hair. You’d think the world had come to an end or that these people had nothing better to do than debate whether Kim looked good with blonde hair or not (she did!)


But, I wasn’t surprised this morning when I checked Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account and saw two new photos uploaded – both of a blonde haired Kim, and one with the comment “It’s just a wig. Looks so real though right?”


kim kardashian blonde hair wig


Kim’s blonde hair definitely did look real although, when I initially saw the photos yesterday I guessed it was a wig as, in a couple of photographs, her hair just didn’t quite look like it was ‘sitting right’.

Still, she did look pretty phenomenal wearing it (how great to be able to look gorgeous with blonde or dark hair, eh?) and, for a change, why not?


And, like she said in the hashtag on the second photo – #ILooKLIkeATotallyDifferentPersonWhenMyHairIsBlonde – yep, she certainly did.

Michelle Topham