Kimi ni Todoke opening theme song by Tomofumi Tanizawa still beautiful a decade after release

When I am in the mood to listen to an anime opening theme song, I sometimes go way back to my favorite anime series’ and choose one that stuck with me when I first heard it.

And that now, even years later, still has the same affect on my emotions long after then.

One of those songs is the Kimi ni Todoke opening theme song, actually titled ‘Kimi ni Todoke’, (aka From Me to You), and sung by Tomofumi Tanizawa.

Because it is a bitter sweet song written about a first love.

A first love the singer hopes will remain long after they have both grown up and left high school, but also one that he believes may eventually end.


If it does, he still wants her to know he loves her and will always love her, even if she eventually falls out of love with him.

“In front of you precious more than anyone else
is someone to whom you’re so precious that you won’t get hurt
even if your words somehow change and become “goodbye”
everything will be as it was”
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Tomofumi Tanizawa ‘Kimi ni Todoke‘ also features an incredibly pretty and addictive melody. A melody that seems to fit the personality of Kazehaya perfectly — sweet, romantic and slightly hesitant — especially when the singer hits the higher notes.


Listen to Tomofumi Tanizawa ‘Kimi ni Todoke‘ playing over the official opening animation from the 2009/2010 first season of the anime, and on the Spotify player below.

You can also follow Tomofumi Tanizawa on Spotify, as he has many more songs equally as pretty.


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