King the Land Ep 14 back in DOUBLE DIGITS rating 2 episodes before series finale

Photo courtesy JTBC

The Korean rom com King the Land, Episode 14 ratings rose back up to double digits last night after seeing a ratings drop with the drama’s previous episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, King the Land, Episode 14 ratings nationwide were 10.65 percent, which is up from the previous episode’s 9.38 percent.

Ratings for the drama in Seoul were an even higher 10.96 percent, which is up from Episode 13’s rating of 9.50 percent.

With just two episodes of the popular rom com to air, it is likely King the Land ratings will rise for those as well.

International viewers of King the Land

With just two episodes of the drama to go, viewers of King the Land outside South Korea are still overwhelmingly positive about the plot, the cinematography, the characters and actors, and their performances.

Recent comments on My Drama List range from:

I love how heartwarming and cute this drama has been throught the whole season it has never let me down.


This drama makes me feel secure cause I know it will end with happy ending next week. This is my weekly dose of romance and I really like the vibrant feels this drama gives you.

The cinematography is especially commented on, with one person saying:

I will never get tired of saying this, the cinematography in this drama is so beautiful.

followed by another commenter adding:

Stunning visuals from the skydive, to the sprinkler system indoor rain kiss, and everything in between, before and after! So so good!

King the Land stars Lee Junho and YoonA.

The final two episodes of the K-drama air next weekend on JTBC in South Korea, with Netflix streaming them for international viewers.


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