King the Land Ep 7 ratings FALL or did they? (But still in TOP 10 on Netflix)

Photo courtesy of JTBC

King the Land Ep 7 ratings fell over last Sunday’s episode but are HIGHER than last Saturday’s ratings

King the Land, Episode 7 aired on JTBC in South Korea last night with the drama seeing its ratings fall almost 1.5 percent over its previous episode.

While, at first look, that might appear that the drama’s ratings have suffered, that is not the case at all.

In fact, last night’s (Saturday) episode garnered higher ratings than last Saturday’s episode, meaning the King the Land audience is continuing to grow.

According to Nielsen Korea, King the Land, Episode 7 garnered 10.60 percent of the audience, which is down 1.41 percent from last Sunday’s episode but an increase of 0.93 percent over last Saturday’s episode.

In other words, with King the Land grabbing a larger Saturday audience share than every other Saturday last night, thus continuing to prove Korean audiences love the rom com, it is very likely the drama’s Sunday rating later on tonight will also be its highest ever rating.

King the Land on Netflix

International audiences also seem to be similarly obsessed with King the Land, with the South Korean rom com consistently placing on Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows chart almost every day since its premiere on June 17th.

According to FlixPatrol, King the Land was ranked as the 7th most-watched TV series on Netflix yesterday.

With almost 25 million hours of the series watched so far (official Netflix numbers from July 2nd, so higher than that now), and with the show currently very popular in 32 countries, it is also likely King the Land will remain on the Top 10 chart for its entire 16-episode run.

King the Land stars Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoon-ah, and airs on JTBC every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST), with Netflix streaming the latest episode soon after it airs in South Korea.

Watch the official trailer for the next episode below — unfortunately only in Korean but… you will get the gist.


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