Knez Sings ‘Adio’ Live at Eurovision in Concert: Countdown to Eurovision 2015

knez adio

Montenegro’s Knez was in Amsterdam for Eurovision in Concert a couple of weeks ago, where he gave an awesome performance of his song ‘Adio‘. A performance I’m showcasing as my Countdown to Eurovision 2015 video today, as I love this song so much. (9 days to Semi Final 1 and 13 days to the Grand Final)

‘Adio‘, of course, is one of the few songs at Eurovision 2015 that will be sung in the singer’s native language — in this case Montenegrin, a language almost identical to Serbian. And I’m so happy about this, as it makes the song even more beautiful sung in that gorgeous language.

Watch Knez singing ‘Adio’ at Eurovision in Concert and can I just say, geez, that man can sing live and, God, I love that instrumental intro. Gorgeous.

As for the song, it’s in my Top 10 and an easy entry into the Grand Final I’d say.


Michelle Topham