Knighthood and Decoy: Funniest Super Heroes Ever (Video)

Looking for the funniest super heroes? Don’t miss Knighthood and Decoy

Knighthood and Decoy are a couple of super heroes you’ll only love if you’re a geek, a comic book fan, or have a weird British sense of humour like me. Not only are they two of the funniest (and most incompetent) super heroes you’ll ever see, Knighthood and Decoy are actually part of a weekly show on The Multiverse channel on YouTube that, once you start watching it, you won’t be able to stop.

Knighthood, whose father was killed on his first day of being a super hero, decides he must follow in his father’s footsteps (becoming a super hero, not dying, that is), and rid the world of evil. The problem is, he’s crap at it.

So he teams up with Decoy, a former sex worker who also happens to be homeless, and they decide to dedicate themselves to being super heroes that will make the world a safer place for the rest of us. Unfortunately, when Knighthood and Decoy are around, you’re more likely to get killed.


The work it takes to be London’s best super heroes

Being super heroes, of course, requires a lot of work — choosing costumes, working on super hero powers, driving around London looking for some action, and staking out potential crime spots. Unfortunately, all it does is prove that these men are two of the most naff super heroes you’ve ever seen. Although they are good at something — making you howl laughing at their incompetence.

Knighthood and Decoy is actually a superb spoof on the idea of super heroes, where the two do nothing but make fun of classic super heroes like Batman, Robin and Superman and have a blast while they’re doing it.

Watch Knighthood and Decoy on The Multiverse channel, if you haven’t already but especially don’t miss the video below of Knighthood and Decoy choosing their super hero costumes. Titled Is Spandex Bullet Proof, it’s a true classic.



Michelle Topham