‘Krampus’ Trailer Shows a Truly Horrific Christmas – I’m Excited (Video)


When you start watching the new ‘Krampus’ trailer, you can be forgiven for thinking “God, not another movie about a dysfunctional family at Christmas’, because frankly that’s what I thought too. But, just a few seconds in, and all of a sudden that ‘Krampus‘ dysfunctional family isn’t dysfunctional at all.

Instead, they’ve all banded together to fight Krampus — the mythical creature found in German-speaking countries, who appears right before Christmas to punish children for their transgressions.

In ‘Krampus‘, the upcoming horror movie from director┬áMichael Dougherty (Trick ‘r Treat) and starring Adam Scott and Toni Collette, we meet Max. Tired of his family always arguing and fighting, he rips up his letter to Santa Claus and scatters it to the wind, convinced Christmas is going to be horrible again this year.


How horrible, however, Max has no clue, as the letter is picked up by Krampus, who decides to pay Max and his family a visit, and meet out a little punishment. It’s now up to the entire family to work together to defeat him.

Austrian actor Christoph Waltz tells the terrifying tale of Krampus to Jimmy Fallon

From the ‘Krampus‘ trailer, it’s pretty evident this movie is going to be scary. Particularly as, from just the brief glimpses we get at Krampus himself, he looks terrifying.

Traditional Krampus greeting card from the 1900s

Plus, Krampus really is a creature German-speaking children have been petrified of for centuries, with the first mentionings of him even before the 17th century. So, if you’re from one of these countries, you’re probably scared stiff already.

He does, however, differ in degrees of violence, depending on which German-speaking country you come from. Sometimes he just carts children off in a sack and beats them with a stick, whereas in other places he takes them away to be drowned, eaten or taken to hell.


I’m guessing from what we can see in the ‘Krampus’ trailer at least, the latter is a lot more likely here than the former.

Watch the ‘Krampus’ trailer below. Now isn’t that something you are absolutely going to see this Christmas season? I know I am.

Krampus‘ hits movie theaters on December 4th. Just in time to terrify another generation of children.


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