Kristen Bell Doesn’t Want Her Kids To See Her ‘Playing A Giant Penis’ (Video)

Kristen Bell Bad Moms giant penis

I will say it again and again and again. I love Kristen Bell. She makes me laugh in every interview she gives and, damn, is she sweet and kind and nice.

So, yep, the latest Kristen Bell interview was last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where Jimmy asked her if she was going to let her kids watch her in her latest movie ‘Bad Moms‘.

And Bell, of course, had a usual funny remark to make about what she would say to her kids about adult-oriented things on in movies and on TV.

“Well….Well I only say “well” because we’re a very liberal household, and we explain content. “You know, we keep our privates covered in real life but sometimes people show their boobs on TV, and that’s their choice.”

She then went on to explain why her kids would not be getting to see her in ‘Bad Moms‘.

“No, I don’t think. Because there’s a scene where I play a giant penis and I just feel like….(and she grimaced). They don’t need it”.

Watch Kristen Bell talk about why her kids are never going to see her in her latest movie in the video below. And I will guarantee, there is no way you cannot not laugh.



Michelle Topham