Kristen Bell Given Youth Advocacy Award at Noble Awards in Los Angeles


Awwww, Kristen Bell, one of my favorite people, was just given a Youth Advocacy award at the 2015 Noble Awards in Los Angeles on Friday (February 27th).

Bell tweeted about the Noble Awards the day after saying, “Thx to the @nobleawards for the award for youth advocacy. I accept it on behalf of so many who do much more than me!”, proving yet again she’s just as humble as she’s nice.


The Noble Awards, by the way, are annual awards that are given to celebrities every year for the humanitarian work they do. The idea is to showcase what they do, with the hope that it will inspire others to do the same or more.

All I can say is, Kristen Bell completely deserves this award and more. She does an amazing amount of work for youth in Uganda with the non-profit Invisible Children, as well as with charities that work for animal rights. Plus, she’s just such a damned nice person. Way to go, Kristen.

Michelle Topham