Kristen Leo’s vegan hacks for new vegans are useful and cool

Kristen Leo’s vegan hacks for new vegans are useful and cool Greek

YouTuber Kristen Leo has been a vegan for more than three years and, in that time, has learned a lot about being vegan. Including a slew of what she calls ‘vegan hacks’ for new vegans, that can make being a vegan a bit easier.

As a vegan myself, I know how difficult it can sometimes be to stay vegan all the time. Especially when it comes to eating out with friends or shopping for clothes.

That’s why Leo’s video of quick vegan hacks for new vegans is useful. So what does she cover?

Download Foursquare app

As a vegan, you probably know how frustrating it is to find restaurants that serve vegan food. Especially if you’re out and suddenly decide to eat on the spur of the moment.

That’s why Kristen is recommending you download the Foursquare app, so you can search for vegan restaurants in your area, or restaurants that at least serve some vegan dishes.

Vitamin B12 supplements

While this isn’t really a ‘vegan hack’, because just about every vegan knows you need to take a vitamin B12 supplement as B12 is a vitamin that does not come in any vegan food, it is an important reminder that you do need to take one regularly.

Vitamin B12 is involved in the metabolism of every cell in your body so, if you don’t get enough of it, you really can start to have major health problems.

Kristen takes a spray Vitamin B12 supplement that she buys from a vegan store, but you can just buy Vitamin B12 pills or capsules if you like as they do the same job.

Don’t throw your non-vegan clothing away

This is one thing I could not agree with her on more, as I have had several friends who became vegan and then threw away all of their leather shoes, jackets, belts etc.

Why shouldn’t you?

Because it is a huge waste of money, terrible for the environment as leather products take a long time to decompose, disrespectful to the animal that gave its life for something you are now throwing away and, frankly, you shouldn’t be throwing anything away if someone else could use it.

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So, as Kristen Leo recommends, store your non-vegan clothing until you get over that initial disgust you will feel about wearing animal products.

Or, if it is still really getting to you, donate them to a charity or sell them to a vintage clothing store so someone else can wear them and not have to pay for another animal being killed to get the leather products they want.

Spend time reading All Vegan All Good

All Vegan All Good is an excellent website for someone just becoming vegan, as it has a ton of information about vegan brands, and covers everything from clothing, to beauty products, to food, to lifestyle products.

What other vegan hacks does Kristen Leo recommend you try?

Watch her 7 Vegan Hacks to Make Your Life Easier video below to find out.

And, of course, subscribe to Kristen Leo’s YouTube channel and watch more of her vegan, socially-conscious, environmentally-conscious videos.

Because she does know her stuff, but she shares information with you in a fun and non-judgmental way, so you do at least tend to absorb and remember what she says.

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