Kristen Stewart on Cover of Elle Malaysia: How Fame Was Really Hard

kristen stewart elle magazine malaysia


I picked up the October issue of Elle magazine while I was in Malaysia on Tuesday and was happy to see actress Kristen Stewart on the cover. Happy because, although I have never really been a fan of hers, I’ve been interested to see how well she’s weathered the constant criticisms she’s been getting since the early days of Twilight, and just how sure of herself she still seems to be.

Interestingly, the interview inside Elle proves that.

Stewart talks about being famous and how difficult it was right at the beginning when Twilight hit as she just wasn’t prepared for it.


“I hadn’t carved out my spot and people hadn’t gotten used to me yet. It was really f**king hard. I didn’t interview well. I was really nervous. People f**king didn’t respond that well.”

She also mentions how a private life is still possible for her, even while dating, she just has to be careful about where she goes.

She even talks about the limitations she has as an actress, “Some people try to do that thing where you craft a character. I cannot be anyone other than who I am. If I can’t empathize with something my character does, it’s a problem.”

So, yes, she’s aware of her limitations and that’s actually quite refreshing. Especially as what she does do seems so effortless.

For more on Kirsten Stewart in the October issue of Malaysian Elle, including some very cool fashion photos taken at an LA supermarket, check out the magazine’s website.