Kristen Stewart Smiles All The Time, Just Like Everyone Else (Video)

kristen stewart smiling

Kristen Stewart was on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon this week where the subject of if Stewart ever actually smiles came up. Because, you know, whenever you read an article about her, the writer always has to mention she doesn’t smile, and magazines always publish photos of her looking gloomy.

Of course, Jimmy brought the subject up by saying there was always talk about how Kristen Stewart never goes out of her way to smile at people.

At first, Stewart pretended she had no idea what he was talking about, and then said “I do smile. I actually smile a lot”.

And, come on, all you have to do is watch Kristen Stewart talking to Jimmy about smiling and all she does is smile. The whole way through the interview.

Besides, why are celebrities always expected to be performing seals every time they step out of their front door just to please the people watching them. Isn’t she allowed to have a resting bitch face now and again? God knows, the rest of us do.

Watch her below.

Michelle Topham