Lady Gaga ArtRave 2014 Costumes Just as Fabulous as Always

lady gaga costume art rave

Lady Gaga isn’t only known for her music, she’s also famous for her outrageous costumes. That’s why, whenever I know she’s playing a new concert, I always make sure I scour the internet to see what she’s wearing now.

Luckily, today, I didn’t have to look too far as Lady Gaga’s 13th show in her ARTPOP Ball ArtRave Tour 2014 was last night at Viejas Arena in San Diego and, as always, her ArtRave 2014 costumes are fabulous.


Here she is in the latest photo from her Twitter account wearing what can only be described as a lemon and lime popsicle costume with an extravagant pigtail braid hat. Lovely. Simply lovely and sooooo Lady Gaga.

Michelle Topham