Lady Gaga Has ‘Mother Monster’ Tattoo Added to Her Collection (Photos)


Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika @ladygaga


It’s only been just over a month since Lady Gaga had a monster claw tattooed on her back but, yesterday, Gaga was on Instagram again showing off her latest tattoo.

In a series of arty-looking photographs, the singer showcased her tattoo artist drawing in the tat, as well as a shot of the almost-finished creation.

Gaga was inked by tattoo artist Eric Gonzalez of Deer’s Eye Studio, who drew a beautiful “Mother Monster” on the singer’s arm and body.

The new Gaga tat is apparently to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the release of her album ‘The Fame Monster‘ and, of course, to make her millions of fans even happier with ‘Mother Monster’ than they already are.

Personally? I’m all for anyone expressing what’s important to them by having their skin inked. Makes a bit more of a lasting impression than a tweet.  


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Michelle Topham