Laid-Back Camp Music Festival to feature theme singers Asaka, Eri Sasaki, composer Akiyuki Tateyama and cast

As if it isn’t cool enough for anime fans that a Kyoto Animation Music Festival was announced last week, it now seems a Laid-Back Camp Music Festival is also in the works.

The just announced Laid-Back Camp Music Festival will be held at the YCC Prefectural Culture Hall in Kōfu City, Yamanashi prefecture, on Saturday, October 9th.

The concert will also be streamed via the eplus streaming service Streaming+, and there will even be an exclusive franchise pamphlet available for purchase for 3,000 yen (around $30).

Laid-Back Camp Music Festival acts

The concert will feature music by the Laid-Back Camp Orchestra, along with composer of the anime’s gorgeous music Akiyuki Tateyama making an appearance.

The anime’s theme song singers Asaka and Eri Sasaki will also be performing.

(Listen to Asaka’s ‘Shiny Days‘ and Eri Sasaki’s ‘Fuyubiyori‘ down below).

And, as if that wasn’t enough, the Laid-Back Camp cast — Nao Toyama (Rin), Yumiri Hanamori (Nadeshiko), Aki Toyosaki (Aoi), Sayuri Hara (Chiaki), Rie Takahashi (Ena) — will be on stage performing as their characters.

In other words, if you have always wanted to see your favorite Japanese voice actresses in action, now is your chance.

Tickets for the Laid-Back Camp Music Festival

The only downside to what sounds like a superb event?

The cost of tickets for the streaming concert as, at 4,400 yen (around $40), that is quite expensive for an online show.

If you are up for the cost, though, you can purchase streaming tickets for the Laid-Back Camp Music Festival via eplus now.



You can then stream the concert up to October 15th at 23:59.

And, of course, before you purchase tickets, remind yourself just how beautiful the show’s music is, and just how adorable our favorite girls are, by watching both seasons of Laid-Back Camp (aka Yuru Camp) via Crunchyroll.


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