Laid-Back Camp opening movie shows our favorite girls having loads of fun! Watch

It is times like this I am devastated that I don’t live in Japan or speak fluent Japanese.


Because, at the moment at least, the upcoming game Laid-Back Camp: Have a nice day! is only being released in Japan — oh, and only on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 — another bummer.

But to placate me and other similarly obsessed fans a little bit, Japanese game developer Mages has at least released the absolutely adorable Laid-Back Camp: Have a nice day! opening movie everywhere today, including the west.

Which also leads me to hope we will be getting Laid-Back Camp: Have a nice day! in English before too long too. Yes? Pretty please. (Then I just need it on PC!)

The upcoming Laid-Back Camp game (known as Yurukyan Habu a naisu dei! in Japan) was, of course, supposed to be launching on September 30th, but a small delay has pushed that back until the new release date of November 11th.


Until then, (if you’re in Japan, at least), watch the just released Laid-Back Camp: Have a nice day! opening movie.

It plays to the game’s theme song — ‘See the Light‘ by Asaka — and shows Rin, Nadeshiko, Ena, Chiaki, Aoi heading off to various camping spots around Japan.

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There is eating, cycling, cuddling up together in blankets and watching the night sky and, of course, visits awesome camping spots like Lake Motosu, Fumoto Campsite, Eastwood Campsite, Lake Tanuki Campsite, Takabocchi Highlands, Shibire Lake, Jinbagatayama Campsite, and Fujinomiya.

Watch the Laid-Back Camp: Have a nice day! opening movie below, and keep your fingers crossed we will be seeing this soon outside Japan. Or my little otaku heart might just break.


Michelle Topham