Laid-Back Camp Season 2 key visual shows Nadeshiko and Ayano as middle-schoolers — so cute!

It looks like Laid-Back Camp Season 2 will be telling us something about the lives of Nadeshiko and her old friend Ayano when they were middle-schoolers. At least if the just released Laid-Back Camp Season 2 key visual is anything to go by (check it out below).


That’s because the lovely and oh so cute graphic shows Nadeshiko and Ayano as middle-schoolers hanging out together on a bridge, during the time they were close friends before they lost touch.

The long-awaited second season of Laid-Back Camp (aka Yurucamp) is not due for release until January, 2021, but that isn’t stopping the director of Season 1, Yoshiaki Kyougoku, from planning a release of five key visuals, including the one we got today.

The first key visual takes place before Nadeshiko moved to Yamanashi (remember she and her family had just arrived there during the first episode of the first season?)

We are seeing that scene as the adorable Ayano, played by Tomoyo Kurosawa, will be the new character in the second season and it’s a great way to introduce her.

The other four key visuals will likely feature the other girls we have already grown to love.


Meanwhile, to prove just how popular Laid-Back Camp has become in Japan (and beyond, of course), the recently released Blu-ray box sets have already sold almost 11,500 copies in Japan and topped the Oricon charts because of it.

Considering 3,000 sets sold tends to have anime studios sitting up and taking notice, it is looking likely we could be seeing quite a lot more of the Laid-Back Camp girls even after Season 2 and the upcoming full-length film have been released.

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Michelle Topham