Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Ena character visual has Chikuwa with his own dog tent

A new Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 visual has been released and, this time, it is an Ena Saito character visual featuring her adorable dog Chikuwa, and the dog tent he will sleep in when they go camping.


The tent, which Ena has just erected, includes a dog-sized camping bed and sleeping bag, so that Ena can make sure Chikuwa is perfectly warm and comfortable.

After all, Chikuwa is a long-haired Chihuahua.

A dog whose hair doesn’t actually protect them in cold weather, so his own little dog tent is ideal for the job.

New Ena Saito visual for Laid-Back Camp, Season 3

The new Ena character visual is the sixth in a series the Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 production committee has been releasing over the last few weeks in preparation for the anime’s premiere later this year.

Along with the new Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 visual, we also got the official Ena character design sheet from new character designer Takanori Hashimoto (animation director for A Whisker Away).

New Ena Saito character design sheet by character designer Takanori Hashimoto

It shows Ena from the front on, as well as several side shots off her smiling or looking surprised. (see above)

Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 is being directed by Shin Tosaka (Infinite Stratos 2), with Masafumi Sugiura (Barakamon) in charge of series composition.

Studio 8bit is in charge of anime production.

Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 will premiere some time in the Spring, 2024 anime season.

There is no word yet on who will be streaming the anime in the west, but it will likely be Crunchyroll as they are already streaming the first two seasons and the Laid-Back Camp film.