Latest Mr. Villain’s Day Off trailer previews OP and ED – both songs are mellow and sweet (video)

Yuho‘ by Ivudot and ‘Kyusoku Juden‘ by GLASGOW are anime’s sweet theme songs

The upcoming comedy anime Mr. Villain’s Day Off has been getting various promo releases over the last few weeks as the anime’s release date nears.


Today, the latest Mr. Villain’s Day Off trailer is out and, this time, it features snippets of the anime’s OP and ED.

They are, of course, the previously announced opening theme song Yuho‘ by Ivudot and the Mr. Villain’s Day Off ending theme song Kyusoku Juden‘ by GLASGOW.

Both songs are mellow and sweet, as they perfectly illustrate the anime’s premise.

That of Warumono-san, the evil leader of a malevolent organization, making damn sure nobody interrupts him when he decides he needs a day off.

After all, there are pandas at the zoo to see (and to find out what color their tail is), ice cream to eat and shopping for cute plushies to do.

Evil leader?

Well, yeah, but only when Warumono-san is doing his day job.

Is Mr. Villain’s Day Off based on a manga and what is it about?

The upcoming anime is based on the manga series by Yuu Morikawa (Hiru to Yoru no Oishii Jikan), and tells the story of the General, aka Warumono-san, an extraterrestrial being who has arrived on Earth in an effort to conquer it by eradicating humanity.

The problem is, once Warumono-san sees what the Earth actually has to offer, he can’t wait for his days off so he can enjoy all the cute and sweet things he has never seen before.

And that means avoiding fighting with the pesky Rangers — the folks on Earth who are trying to make sure Warumono-san’s plan of defeating the planet doesn’t come to fruition — at least when he has cuter, more fluffy things to go visit.

Things like that convenience store that sells delicious ice cream may also be the last thing he destroys.

Square Enix is publishing the Mr. Villain’s Day Off manga series in paperback and digital, with two volumes out and the third one due in February.

Anime series premieres on January 7th, 2024

The Mr. Villain’s Day Off anime is being directed by Yoshinori Odaka (Osomatsu-san), with series composition by Midori Goto (BanG Dream!), and character designs from Tomomi Shimazaki (Elegant Yokai Apartment Life).

Shin-Ei Animation and SynergySP are in charge of anime production.

With the scenes that have been released so far, this one looks like it features the same gorgeous art style from the manga, and will beautifully bring to life the strange world of Warumono-san and his pleasures.

Shintarou Asanuma is voicing the titular villain, and it’s his beautifully deep voice you can hear in the just-released Mr. Villain’s Day Off trailer below, as he wonders “Why do humans eat chocolate pandas? THEY’RE TOO CUTE!!!

The Mr. Villain’s Day Off anime series will premiere its first episode on January 7th, 2024, and we can see then if it lives up to the promise of its trailers. Fingers crossed.

Until then, you can keep up-to-date on other Mr. Villain’s Day Off news via the anime’s official website.


Michelle Topham