Layton Brothers: Mystery Room on iOS – Free for First 2 Cases

Spin-off from the Professor Layton games series, Layton Brothers: Mystery Room, has released on iOS today, at least in the EU and US. What’s even better it it’s free. Well…..sort of.

According to Level-5 the developer, the way Layton Brothers: Mystery Room works is you download the game to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The first two Layton Brothers cases are free to solve but, if you want to keep going with your investigations, that’s when you have to pay for new cases via one of two, or both, bundles

A bit sneaky really, as nowhere on the Layton Brothers: Mystery Room page at the App Store does it say it’s “free for two levels”. It simply says ‘free’.

However, as both cases in the Layton Brothers: Mystery Room release do offer a few hours of game play it is a good way to try out the game to see if you’ll like it, then you can choose to pony up for the new cases if you do.

Graphics, by the way, are nice and the music is lovely. There aren’t any voice-overs, however, so you’ll have to provide those yourself. It’s also quite true to the Professor Layton games series, which means if you’re a fan of Professor Layton you’ll probably enjoy this one.

Michelle Topham