Leah Dou’s ‘Wu’ is one of the coolest Chinese experimental pop songs — Repeat Rotation Video

Listen to Leah Dou’s ‘Wu‘ — one of the coolest Chinese experimental pop songs

Chinese singer songwriter Leah Dou was in Taipei, Taiwan this week to promote her sophomore album Kids Only, and seeing a photograph of her there today nudged my memory about how much I enjoy her music. It also got me re-listening to her single ‘Wu‘ as my Repeat Rotation Video today.

That’s because Leah Dou’s music tends to be a mix between mainstream Chinese pop and experimental music, and something that really stands out from the crowd. Once heard, it’s hard to forget.

Not surprising either really when you consider who Dou’s parents are — the massively-successful-in-China singer Faye Wong and rock and experimental musician and composer Dou Wei.

Leah Dou herself came across my radar last year when she won the QQ Music New Female Artist of the Year award, and I first listened to her self-penned music , which is mainly sung in English, and thought “Wow”.

Because it is so unique and so unusual compared to what I normally hear when I click on a new artist’s video and get much of the same .

Check out Leah Dou’s psychedelic music video for ‘Wu‘, which I have been playing as my Repeat Rotation Video today, to see what I mean.

Then grab Kids Only, which you can pick up on most major digital music platforms. It’s a beautiful album.

The 10-track album was released in September on the Grey Waters label, and has also been getting some decent attention for its uniqueness in other places around Asia besides China, and also in the U.S.