Lee Kwang Soo to star with Lee Dong Wook in Divorce Insurance drama on tvN?

South Korean news media is reporting actor Lee Kwang Soo may be starring in the upcoming tvN drama Divorce Insurance (working title) alongside Lee Dong Wook.

We previously reported Lee Dong Wook’s possible involvement with Divorce Insurance back in early June, with his agency confirming he is considering an offer to star in the K-drama.

Now Lee Kwang Soo’s agency KINGKONG by STARSHIP has responded to today’s media reports, and is also confirming he is currently reviewing an offer.

Both actors are represented by the same agency.

Divorce Insurance follows Noh Ki Jun (played by Lee Dong Wook, if he accepts the role), an insurance actuary who is developing a new insurance policy that targets people who have been divorced or who are considering divorce.

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Ki Jun was educated overseas, so is considered “an elite”, and is “an expert” in divorce as he has been divorced three times himself.

Nothing has yet been released about the role Lee Kwang Soo may take.

The drama is being directed by Lee Won Suk (Killing Romance and The Royal Tailor), and is currently scheduled to air some time in 2025.

Lee Kwang Soo’s previous roles

As for Lee Kwang Soo, he began his career as a model back in 2007, but quickly moved into acting the following year.

He has since starred in hit dramas like Secret Love, Entourage, The Killer’s Shopping List and No Way Out: The Roulette, and in films Inseparable Bros, Sinkhole and The Pirates 2: The Last Royal Treasure.

We will keep you posted here on Leo Sigh about Lee Dong Wook and Lee Kwang Soo’s involvement in Divorce Insurance as more information is released.

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