Lee Seo Jin leaves Hook Entertainment – will he sign with another agency or found his own?

South Korean actor Lee Seo Jin is leaving Hook Entertainment after being with the agency for 13 years.

In an announcement via South Korean news media, Hook Entertainment said this about the 52-year-old actor’s departure:

We would like to inform you that the contract with actor Lee Seo Jin and Hook Entertainment will end at the end of September, 2023.


We would like to express our gratitude to Lee Seo Jin for being with us for a long time and for all his support. We will always be with him in our hearts.


We sincerely ask for your continued warm support of the actor as he continues with his future career. 


Thank you.

There is no word yet whether Lee Seon Jin will be signing with a different agency or, like many South Korean actors nowadays, founding his own agency.

Whichever way the talented actor goes, he is very likely to find success.

Lee So Jin’s early career

Lee Seo Jin got his start in the TV series House Above the Waves in 1999, then earned increasing success and popularity with dramas like Damo, Phoenix, Yi San, Gyebaek, Behind Every Star, Marriage Contract, Trap and last year’s Dr. Park’s Clinic.

The actor has also recently been confirmed as one of the main leads for the upcoming drama I, a Gangster, Became a High Schooler (working title), which is due to air some time in 2024.

Hook Entertainment’s legal problems

Lee Seo Jin, of course, is one of several high-profile actors who have left Hook Entertainment in the last year after the agency became involved in a contract dispute with actor/singer Lee Seung Gi when he accused them of not paying him the last 18 years of his music earnings.

Lee Seung Gi then went on to sue the agency for embezzlement and fraud.

Around the same time, Academy Award-winning actress Youn Yuh Jung also ended her relationship with Hook.

Watch Lee Seo Jin in his starring role in Dr. Park’s Clinic in the drama’s trailer below, and you will easily see why it won’t be difficult for him to sign with another agency or start his own, eh?


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