‘LEGO City Undercover’ Hits PC: Too Many Bugs and Crashes To Play?

Traveller’s Tales seems to have released a Lego City Undercover PC version complete with bugs

LEGO City Undercover was released on the Wii U in 2013, and I played several hours of it when I was over at a friend’s. Not willing to spend several hundred dollars on a new console, however, just to play one or two cool games, sadly it was one of those games I could only think of fondly.

Until today, that is, when news is out LEGO City Undercover has finally hit the PC. And all I can say is….there goes my free time.


Or, then again, maybe not. At least not until Traveller’s Tales gets all the bugs and constant crashes worked out.

Because gamers on Steam are reporting so many bugs on launch, the game is virtually unplayable for most.

Reported bugs so far include the inability to change video resolutions and other broken menu features, random black screens appearing during gameplay, a critically low fps, and constant crashes.

Which is a shame as LEGO City Undercover is a superb game on the WiiU

It’s an open-world game starring undercover cop Chase McCain, who gets sent on an assignment to catch Rex Fury, master criminal extraordinaire. Part and parcel of his job, however, includes having to wear disguises, so you are soon a construction work, a thief and even an astronaut.

The game is like all the other LEGO games Traveller’s Tales develops — you run around collecting studs and other important items, head to 20 different districts to bust thieves, follow clues and drive a wild assortment of cool vehicles on high-speed chases. There are also 300 unlockable characters to meet.

But this game, I found, is quite a bit more quirky than some of the others, and the writing and humor is stellar.

And, yes, LEGO City Undercover is technically a children’s game. It was even voted as one of the best games of the year by children.

But, as most of the LEGO games are as popular with adults as they are with kids (the Harry Potter games are two of my top 50 favorite video games ever), then you can guarantee as many adults will be playing this as there will be adults buying it for their kids.

LEGO City Undercover releases on PC, as well as on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, in the US today, in Australia tomorrow and in Europe on April 6th.

You might want to wait, though, until the developer releases a patch that makes it a joy to play, and not an experience where your room is blue with the language you’re using.

Because, let’s face it, at between $60 and $70 a pop depending on where you live, you’re not being too picky if you expect gameplay to be nearly flawless.

Updated July 30th, 2017: If you want to give it a chance, many of the bugs have now been fixed.


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